Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun at Scheels

We decided to go have a fun day and go to Scheels and Ikea. We had a blast. The Kids enjoyed the ferris wheel
I can't get enough of this little boy. Isn't he so cute 
                                           The kids thought they could hold this big Bear
They wanted to pose with the ocean 

                                               Cute lil Keegan wanted a pic with the mountain lion


We decided to go to the Roy Pond and have a Picnic and Fish.
Jaxon loved Fishing with his very own poll 
Aspyn trying to help her dad look for the fish 
My Cute Daughter Aspyn

Jaxon Fell in and was wet from head to toe. LOL 
When we were eating these baby ducks came and started eating our bread that was on the blanket...

Softball Tourny in Evanston

Jeff and Jordan watching the Softball game before theirs. 
(This pic is for Tiffany Wade, Since she loves Baseball butts
 and always says something to Jeff about his butt LOL)
                                                                        Good Hit Babe
Jeff Sliding into home way to score Jeff 
Jaxon playing with Kanyn. (Tiffany Wade's Daughter)

I had so much fun driving up there and watching Jeff play. He truly loves it...and I love him...

West Haven 5K race

Mckenzie, Kristina, Evan and Aspyn did the 5K race at west Haven. They all did so good... 
And their off...
Here Jerzee, Jaxon, Aidan and I watch for them as the cross the finish line 
I love his face... 
Here comes Aspyn. I was so proud of her. She did such a GREAT job. She fell and was crying but still finished the race running across the finish line... Way to go Sis... 
Kristina and Mckenzie ran back to run across the finish line so she wasnt finishing it by herself... A BIG Thank you to you guys for doing that. That was so sweet of you 
Aidan and I taking a pic cause he says I always do it with Jaxon so he wanted one with me... I love him  

ATV Rodeo

West Haven does an ATV rodeo the kids love watching it. Here they throw in golf balls that are worth money and the only kid that wanted to do it was Aspyn.  Here is Sapyn and Carson trying to find them to get money... 

Here they are trying to do barrels. Aidan had a BLAST

Aidan and His Best Friend Carson

IT was fun to see who could Jump the farthest away

Here is our friend Amy's husband doing the hide race with his daughter

It is so much fun to watch them do it... The kids loved it 

Family Fun with the pitching machine

One Sunday afternoon, Aspyn hanging out in the tree.

This boy (Konnor) is such a funny kid. Here is some of his many faces... lol He is very funny

Jaxon Thinks He can hit the ball just as good as the big kids can... silly boy

Curtis is trying to hit curve balls and fast ball by the machine... LOL 

Here is a panoramic picture 

Here is Carissa. She is trying to hit the curve balls and fast balls too... (She was better than Curtis) LOL

Boys and their tricycles.

One Sunday Afternoon while we were at Jeff's moms for Dinner the Boys were out playing with the tricycles. They always love having each other around and they play so well together... They always are running around playing balls, jumping on the tramp, riding bikes or just watching a movie together. They will be so much fun watching as they grow up together...